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You’re all set; you finally have your website up and running. We wish it were that simple. Unfortunately, it is not. Building your website is phase 1 of Operation: Running A Successful Online Platform.

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In today’s market, a product or store cannot thrive without marketing and advertising. How do you expect your target audience to find your page and know where to go to get your products? You have to tell them by increasing your platform’s visibility, interacting with your audience, and deploying effective marketing strategies. 



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Sitelab goes a step further than web development and web designing. Here, we understand our client’s need for digital marketing and offer our expert assistance for the best results. Sitelab is a holistic website consultation agency that also guides your website in social media and project management.

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While the marketing game is still the same, the playing field keeps evolving. The advertisement scene has come a long way from offline marketing through newspapers, magazines, and local posters. The first online approach by email marketing and pop-up ads are now ancient. 

Sitelab gives your company the voice it needs to be heard online. Here’s how we do it-

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool businesses have at their disposal. Sitelab uses productive traditional marketing schemes in a modern format online with the help of social media tools and strategies. We devise fool-proof tactics tailored to your platform to achieve large turnovers in the shortest time. 

There are a ton of platforms where millions of people are active. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter are some of the most popular ones. So where do you start? What do you do? 

Site lab is equipped for all your marketing and consultancy services. All social media advertising runs on the same basic principle- identify your target group, get your account noticed, generate followers, and advertise your product. Sitelab helps you do this through: 

Social media algorithms to attract more following work in a simple manner- the more you like, comment, and interact with your target audience, the more your account visibility increases and so does your following. More following ultimately means a wider base for advertising and more sales. 

Social media bots are automation softwares that perform tasks like liking posts, commenting, likes on specific hashtags, following and unfollowing accounts, etc. Normally you would do the same by investing hours and hours each day to generate more followers and to get your account recognized. Bots help you create a larger and ever-growing base without needing your constant attention. 

So, you need to feed the necessary particulars about who your target demographic is, relatable tags to your business, and other similar data that the Instagram bots would save and function on. The Instagram bot would then proceed to like and follow accounts that fit your target people, comment on photos to gain attention, and follow people to generate the following base. 

Sitelab helps through using Instagram bots, Twitter bots, and others with the help of their Python Automation Development program to help you achieve your final goal. 

Web scraping, in layman’s words, is web data collection. Web scraping data extracts information from across different websites by accessing the World Wide Web through Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or through a web browser.

Data can be collected from the many social platforms like Twitter or Reddit and scanned for comprehensive sentiment analysis and market analysis. Data scraping tells you what the greatest influencers are talking about, what the population wants and looks for in different products, and how well people respond to different variations of strategies. 

Data harvested can also be used to analyze the competition. Content is a major pillar of modern marketing and blogs, and web scraping can help drive steady traffic to your website with content that is evergreen. Email marketing might be considered ancient, but no one can doubt its effectiveness. Web scraping helps build a good email marketing list, which makes all the difference between a success and a failed marketing decision. 

Web scraping is becoming more and more relevant to constructing effective marketing strategies. Sitelab uses web scraping software’s to harvest necessary data across social media platforms that help us build tactics and manage marketing constructively.

Constructing a tangible and fool-proof marketing strategy is not enough. The execution matters more than the guidebook. Sitelab offers project management services to complete the job. We collect data by web scraping, use media bots for outreach, and build advertisements with all the right components in place. 


Let’s take Instagram. We use Instagram bots to generate a large target audience base. We used web scraping to gather the necessary information we need to construct an effective and eye-catching advertisement. Now we come to building the advertisement. We use modern approaches like Instagram filters and stories to hit the mark on execution and to achieve satisfying results.

“Sitelab is a holistic web developing and marketing consultancy firm. It is your one-stop to build and expand your online website and business”

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